"Pam is a star recruiter who stands out in every way that matters for a lateral partner candidate in the very competitive and hard-nosed legal market that seems to particularly characterize the New York City legal landscape. It begins with the taking of her ... ethical obligations seriously, being respectful of a candidate's time and ensuring that a firm has genuine interest by her blind resume approach before committing any further time or resources of the candidate. She is very upfront and does not waste everyone's time by leading a candidate on with false expectations. A good attorney in her own right, Pam only concentrates on legal recruitment and is a zealous advocate and coach for her candidate. She prides herself on preparing the most effective approach and campaign for her candidate. What I also admire about her is that she treats people as people not expendables. She recognizes that candidates have personal and professional goals and are not just lists of skills and resources brought to the hiring table". Lateral Partner, Commercial Litigator, New York City, AmLaw 200 firm.

"Pam introduced me to a wonderful opportunity, and was willing to provide more to find something that really fit my goals. Pam was extremely professional and very committed to my success. She exceeded my expectations."Heather P., Corporate-Tax Associate, Florida. 

".....Pam was focused and flexibly strategic ... Pam was also, without question, the most intelligent and straightest shooter of a recruiter I've ever known. Pam was exactingly honest and accurate. In an industry that has its fair share of hyperbole, hard sells and half-truths, she is a consummate professional who exercises the highest level of integrity. I will wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who ever asks, "do you know a good legal recruiter I can trust?"  Why yes, I do." Commercial Litigation, Junior Partner, New York. 

"Pam is the most professional, enthusiastic, and effective recruiting professional that I’ve met in over twenty years spanning two industries. Seeking to relocate to a new market with very specific job criteria and some notable shortcomings in my background, I was an admittedly tough placement. Pam worked diligently (and seemingly tirelessly) with me to assess my situation and the market conditions, and she challenged me. Pam did much more than funnel my resume to her contacts; she really sought to understand my motivation and aspirations and to match those with a firm that had similar goals and a complementary philosophy. Her discriminating approach really focused on the firms that were most likely to engage on an intimate level, rather than those that were just fishing for talent without a plan. While I was several time zones behind Eastern Time, Pam routinely contacted me before and after business hours with meaningful input and feedback, and I know that she sacrificed much personal time on my behalf. After I was hired, Pam continued to offer assistance and suggestions regarding a relocation strategy as well as locations, neighborhoods, and schools for me and my family to consider. She may have done such a great job that I never have to use her services again, but I’ll never stop recommending her to friends and colleagues"  Of Counsel, Intellectual Property Attorney, Miami, Florida Office, National Firm. 

I had been practicing law for several years in the same office, but I was looking to make a move. Pam helped me find just the right firm in my ideal city.  Pam understood exactly what I was looking for in a law firm... Pam made sure I knew what to expect.  I am thrilled to have worked with Pam, and I would enthusiastically recommend her services to other lawyers looking to make a move
Corporate Associate, AMLaw 100 Firm

Top Qualities: Attentive, Diligent and Professional
"Having never used a recruiter to secure employment, I was skeptical to do so. Pam dispelled my skepticism and made me a believer. .... Pam treated me professionally, assured me that she would not leave any stone unturned in seeking out new opportunities for me, and guaranteed that she would respect my request to keep my job hunt confidential. Pam never reneged on her promise. ..Other recruiters had told me that it was unlikely, if not simply impossible, for an associate to enter a law firm as a lateral partner. At no time did Pam share that pessimism, nor did she have any doubt that she could assist me in accomplishing my goal. .... Above all, Pam's chief concerns were and continue to be my happiness and satisfaction. I cannot thank Pam enough for the doors that she opened for me and would recommend her services to anyone without hesitation." 
Lateral Partner, Appellate, New York City, New York 

Top Qualities: Diligent, Organized, Professional
"Over the course of practicing since 1986, I have worked with 5 (give or take) legal and executive recruiters -- 3 of whom are either a personal friend, or a close relationship with family or mutual friends.  Pam is by far the most diligent, organized, professional, and insightful by leaps and bounds.  She is more a coach and counselor." ..
Mike, Lateral Partner, Litigation, New York 

Top Qualities: Diligent
"I'll certainly remember Pam's assistance, she worked diligently in finding all possible employment opportunities for me, and she was very responsive to all of my inquiries. I'd certainly recommend Pam to my friends."....
J. Martineau, Esq., California

Top Qualities: Persistent, Client-Focused & Responsive
"I found Pamela Spalter to be persistent, client-focused and responsive. It is my pleasure to recommend her services. A client can take comfort knowing that Pamela will provide them with superb assistance....."
M. Petra, Esq., Florida

Top Qualities: High Integrity, Personable, & Steadfast
"Pam has always been there for me, bringing her experience to the fore. She opened her black book and secured interviews with her international and regional clients. More importantly, she displayed character and professionalism. Pam is easy to work with and never pressed me to pursue opportunities that I did not consider suitable. She has high integrity, is personable, and steadfast."
Intellectual Property Lateral, Sashi A., Esq., California

Top Qualities: intuition, Thoroughness, Professionalism
"I was actually unsure of what to expect... My experience working with Pam exceeded my expectations. I feel significantly more confident..... I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pam to a friend or colleague - her intuition, thoroughness, professionalism, multifaceted approach, and obvious experience made her a fantastic interview coach and resume critique."
M. Maida, Esq., Florida 

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“I cannot say enough about Pamela Spalter. As a legal search consultant she assisted me in finding employment with a top-notch law firm. She produced great results, is personable, and demonstrated high integrity. In addition, she has provided me with valuable advice since she concluded her services with me. I highly recommend Pam ....."
M. Schmitt, Esq., Nevada

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Pam was extremely diligent in finding the right position for me. She took care to tailor her search to my long term professional goals and was extremely prompt in updating me every step of the way. Pam is of the highest character, and was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.”
S. Barks, Esq., Florida

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.
“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Pam on more than one occasion. I continue to be impressed by her work ethic and passion to find the best opportunity based upon my talents and desires. Pam has served as a mentor to me during my career and I can always count on her for her candid advice. Pam is very easy to work with and is very professional. I constantly recommend her to my colleagues and would recommend her ahead of anyone in her profession.” 
J. LaClair, Esq., Florida



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