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Attorney Recruitment  *  Operational Consulting  * 
Law Firm Expansion * Lateral Attorneys  * 
Strategy Consulting  *  Exit Plans

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Attorney-Legal Recruitment Services:


  • Acquisitions: Locating, Identifying, Evaluating, and Pre-screening Candidates
  • Mergers 

  • Expansion into New Markets

Lateral Attorneys entertaining a change:

  • Strategic Moves: Proven track record assisting lateral attorneys
  • Proven track record meeting the discreet needs of laterals with portable business to realize individual and/or group goals 
  • Exit Plans: Proven track record assisting with exit plans

  • Mergers: Proven track record with mergers & acquisitions of new practices

  • National Reach

​Business Owner Services - Customized Business Operations Support Services

  • Operational Goals: Identifying Systems to Achieve Organizational Objectives and Operational Goals 
  • Employment Practices: Accurately identify the beneficial and problematic areas of current employment practices
  • ​Employee Complaints Investigation and Resolution Services: Conduct interviews and investigations as an impartial objective representative
  • Strategy Consulting: Employee Education/Training: Strategically plan efforts needed for compliance and improvement
  • Employee Performance Management

  • Hiring/Terminations

  • Communication Optimization 

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Services are available by: one-on-one; on-site; video conferencing; telephone conferencing; group workshops

Providing Solutions for Employment Compliance (P.S.E.C. Inc.) is a Coaching and Consulting Firm that can help you to plan and achieve the goals that you envision for your company. Through her focused approach, industry knowledge, and benefit of having 20 + years of professional experience in employment consulting services, Director, Pamela S. Spalter, Esq., works personally with individuals and business owners to provide cost-effective outsourcing solutions.