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Services are available by: one-on-one; on-site; video conferencing; telephone conferencing; group workshops

Attorney Recruitment  *  Operational Consulting  * 
Law Firm Expansion * Lateral Attorneys  * 
Strategy Consulting  *  Exit Plans

*Areas of Expertise!

Attorney-Legal Recruitment Services:


  • Attorney Procurement: Locating, Identifying, Evaluating, and Pre-screening 
  • Mergers 

  • Expansion into New Markets

Lateral Attorneys entertaining a change:

  • Strategic Moves: Proven track record assisting lateral attorneys
  • Proven track record meeting the discreet needs of laterals with portable business to realize individual and/or group goals 
  • Exit Plans: Proven track record assisting with exit plans

  • Mergers: Proven track record with mergers & acquisitions of new practices

  • National Reach

​Business Owner Services: 

  • Executive Procurement: Locating, Identifying, Evaluating, Pre-Screening
  • Operational Goals: Identifying Systems to Achieve Organizational Objectives and Operational Goals 
  • Employment Practices: Accurately identify the beneficial and problematic areas of current employment practices
  • ​Employee Complaints Investigation and Resolution Services: Conduct interviews and investigations as an impartial objective representative
  • Strategy Consulting: Employee Education/Training: Strategically plan efforts needed for compliance and improvement
  • Employee Performance Management

  • Assist with Terminations

  • Communication Optimization 

P.S.E.C. Inc. is a consulting firm that can help you to plan and achieve the goals that you envision for your company. Through her focused approach, industry knowledge, and benefit of having 20 + years of professional experience in employment consulting services at the highest levels, Pamela S. Spalter, Director and VP, works personally with individuals and business owners to provide cost-effective outsourcing solutions.

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